I’m still here!

March 28, 2014


I managed not to post at all in 2013 because I was busy with various projects. Firstly I had a proper go at illustration, which went OK, but didn’t produce anything I’m ready to release. Maybe something later this year.

Secondly was a ridiculously time-consuming project: A 6-minute family action film starring my daughter and some puppet skeletons. It took literally months of frame-by-frame image editing. Hours and hours and hours. It’s not publicly viewable online, but here are some stills:





My current project, which has been in renewed development since November is my circular calendar. I think it’s pretty cool. It plots sunrise and sunset times for a year, along with moon phases and sometime tides:


Link to site: TimeandTideWaitForNoMan.wordpress.com.

I’m nearly ready to leave that project for a bit and get back finishing off my second family film which I started in August 2013.

Bye for now!




New Aquistions

September 24, 2012

We cycled to a car boot sale yesterday. I got some pretty good stuff. Look, here it is all piled up:

  • 3 packs of file cards plus alphabetical dividers and cardboard box: £1
  • Linex 1177 stencil: 50p
  • Book about churches: 20p
  • 2 ammonite counterparts: 50p and 20p

I’ve got a bit of a thing for file cards. I think I’m attracted to their utilitarian appearance and hand-size scale. I’ve got my software and design notes at work in a card index and index cards have found a role in our life as an art material for my daughter. They’re a good size to take on the train and can be used flat or folded into shapes. I spied these on a nearly empty table and suspected from their age that they’d be nice quality. Assumption correct. Nice thick, smooth card. The lady selling them included the box and dividers as a job lot for the £1. I don’t have a use for those although I do like the box.

The stencil I think is for doing flow diagrams. I’ve googled around a bit but haven’t found them on the Internet yet. I’m going to have a more thorough look to find the exact symbols and see which system or methodology they belong to. I’ll add this to my stencil collection, population 1.

Some ammonite  counterparts. The counterpart is is the bit that isn’t the fossil; the negative. The man and lady did have some fossils proper too but they weren’t as big. I’ve got a nice ammonite anyway so I went for the counterpart.

Final item: What to look for outside a church, P J Hunt, 1972. Illustrated by Ronald Lampitt. Another lovely old Ladybird book. I don’t believe in the big guy but I do like some of his houses.

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

May 31, 2012

Still, we got this pile of 25 for £1. What a bargain!

Dinosaur in the Hollies

May 26, 2012

At last! My quest is over, I have found the diplodocus in the Hollies in Leeds.

Actually my 5 year old daughter spotted it.

We used to visit the Hollies a lot when we lived in Leeds (Headingley, 10 years ago). It’s really nice and is like a cross between a botanical garden gone to seed and an old quarry. It’s very picturesque. A hillside site full of winding paths, rocks and streams.

This is our favourite spot in the park. We call it the LARP Stone because one time when we were sitting there a group of live action roleplayers emerged from the woods, skirmished a little amongst themselves and moved on. It’s a big rock, maybe the size of a car, and has a stream running past it with two wooden bridges to cross.

It’s carved on the top with a pattern and on the side with an eye.

Bark Beetles

April 13, 2012

My primary source of tree knowledge is The Tree and its World,  Ladybird, 1975.

It helped me identify these strange markings on a fallen tree as the work of bark beetles.

It’s a really nice book like all the other old Ladybirds. Scarlett and I have been slowly reading through it.

Greek Quest

March 25, 2012

My quest, it is over! I have found ten air conditioning units arranged in the shape of the Greek letter pi!

Aldermanbury, Bradford

Tree problem fixed

March 25, 2012

Back in October I did a post about trees which included this rather picturesque semi-fallen tree:

It had the caption ‘Is it safe?’. Maybe it wasn’t, maybe is was, maybe it was just cramping the other tree’s style but last weekend it looked like this:

Safer but less interesting.